FOURSEVENS – Titanium Mini Pen

I had a chance to attend the Blade Show here in Atlanta this past weekend. It was my first time attending it. While I like knives and have a few I’m not a big collector. Nothing compared to my pen collection.

While there I looking at knives I was also scouting out pens. 🙂 There were a few. Hinderer was there with quite a few of their pens. The small version of there pen looks nice, but the titanium version is quite expensive. I already have the larger version of their pen.

David Broadwell was there with a few fountain pens.

I saw a few other pens here and there.

The one that ending up catching my eye and money was one I saw on FOURSEVENS table. These are folks that make flashlights. It nice that they are based out of the Atlanta area as well. I’ve ordered a few flashlights from them in the past and I often get them the next day.

They refer to the pen as a tactical pen. While I can see that in the fact that it fits in the hand well and has a nice pointed tip (glass breaker) it is very sleek compared to most other tactical pens. That is what drew me to it. I think it reminds me somewhat of the Japanese fountain pens that I have from the 70s and 80s that are stainless steel and sleek as well.


4sevens ti pen2

4sevens ti pen open

FOURSEVENS also sells different attachments for the end piece (comes with the glass breaker). You can also get a lanyard attachment (although I’m not sure how good that would be on the bottom of the pen, to me it would make more sense for that to be on the cap so you could easily pull the pen part off and use it) and they also have a strike point attachment which looks like it would be very painful to be on the receiving end of.