AJOTO – My latest ballpoint acquistion.

This was a Kickstarter project that I backed. It was listed on Kickstarter as “MAKE YOUR MARK – The Pen with a Twist by AJOTO“.

This was probably one of the best communicative projects I’ve been part of. For instance, they share and have pictures of the farming of the cork that is used to cradle and package the pen.

They were also great in communicating after the project was funded. Eventually settling on a weekly update. This should be a standard in the Kickstarter world. Even if there is nothing new to report.

Anyway here is an unboxing video that I did on my pen.


I’m really impressed with the whole process. The pen is super nice. It was very “shiny”. Much more than I was expecting, but it is awesome! I also have the Bolt from Karas Kustoms in brass and the finish is very different. Not that the finish on the Bolt is bad, it’s just different. Karas is another example of having a great Kickstarter experience and I’ve backed their RETRAKT pen as well.

I love the shape of the pen and the way you refill it and the twist mechanism.All very cool stuff.

I’d buy another one of these in a heartbeat and I think I have only one word to say: titanium. 🙂

They have a website at: http://ajoto.com