Will Hodges – EiMIM Kickstarter Pens – Video Review

Link to the project: EiMIM X, Y, and Z Pens

I messed up and said the wrong pen type in my video:
X pen is the small pen (mini G2), Y is the medium pen (Parker), and Z is the long pen (regular G2).

Link to new Tactile Turn project: Mover and Shaker

Shop where you can buy X, Y, and Z Pens

Article on 6061 and 7075 aluminum.

Here is a shot of the pens next to a Parker Jotter and Porsche Design pen for size comparison:

2 thoughts on “Will Hodges – EiMIM Kickstarter Pens – Video Review

  1. courtney blake

    I watched your video, which didn’t answer my question. Julie Hausman gave me her green pen and it’s really terrific but, neither of us could figure out how to change the ink cartridge when it runs dry. We couldn’t open it up without using a pair of pliers, which we weren’t going to try for fear of damaging the grooves.

    1. mbacas Post author

      Hi Courtney,

      To change out the ink cartridge you unscrew the top part where the clip is. The clip will come lose, but you just replace the cartridge and screw that back on.

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